Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've been gone for a while and I'm finally back, not that anyone will notice.

But, let the rejoicing commence!

Anyway, on to the point: Islam.

I picked up a Qu'ran the other day and have been reading it, avidly even. The first thing I noticed was that it is head and shoulders above the bible in terms of interest. As in it actually held mine. Also amazing is how much it completely refutes what a lot of people seem to think about Islam. It has had only one reference to making war that I have encountered as of yet and that reference was that it is only ok to war when people of the faith are being oppressed. And it stresses, multiple times, that once those people are no longer oppressed then the war must stop. "Well, who really cares?" You might say. You should.

What this means is that if the U.S. and other western powers were to pull out of the middle east and stop our bumbling war efforts there would not be any more attacks on us. Now some would say that this is "appeasement," but is it really appeasement to do the right thing? If I steal money from someone and they keep fighting me to get it back is it appeasement for me to return it or just the right thing to do?