Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Health Care

I checked out the plans for health care put forward by Clinton and Obama and I must say I'm totally disappointed. They are both doing pretty much the same thing as Massachusetts has done, forcing people to pay for subsidized health insurance, thus ensuring that the health insurance companies get their cut and that they run things just as efficiently as always. (read:not very efficient) They do require that companies insure people that they would not have otherwise insured.

Bleh, color me not very surprised, the democrats take a good idea, universal coverage, and turn it into a money making scheme for the health care industry. Little wonder the industry has switched their donations to the Dems. Note also that this table shows the total contribution from the health care industry to candidates on both sides and on the republican side Romney, the guy who made up Massachusetts' "personal responsibility system" (I puke just a little as I type that) The selfsame system both Dems seek to imitate.

Of course, I could just be annoyed because I'm home sick today.