Monday, January 22, 2007

The one thing that English lacks, well, one of the many things, is a second person plural seperate from the second person singular. At least, this is the cae in most places. The south, despite how much of the country holds it in contempt, has resolved this pressing linguistic deficiency.


Yes, that wonderful contraction. I'd be so apt as to write it without the apostrophe, yall. I mean, tomorrow used to have a hyphen between to and morrow, but we got rid of that superfluous grammatical mark.

So the next time you need to use the second person plural pronoun, just use "Yall."

Goodbye Yall!


James said...

I haven't looked it up but did the meaning change with to-morrow versus tomorrow though? I just have this feeling that one is a label on the next day and the former is a statement of action "to the morrow".

As for the "y'all" a friend of mine here in the Uk has always loved English because however much for example the US wants to have it's own language English remains English and in doing so sucks into it what it needs to express all things.

My point being the great thing about English is its adaptability the bad thing is, you can probably guess.

T-Ray said...

I always figured yous would make more sense than yall.