Monday, November 12, 2007

Atheists and Islam

There is a recent post here about how religions fight among each other because they believe different things. While true, it is really blown out of proportion. The blogger in question make the mistake of saying "They attacked us on 9/11, and if we're to believe what they say and write, they attacked because we don't subscribe to the writings in another book." which is just wrong, wrong, wrong. None of the groups which attack the U.S. and U.S. interests say that it is because of what we believe, they never have.

Yes, they often think that we have degenerate beliefs and morals, but they certainly don't think that's reason enough to kill people in the U.S. No, the reason they say they attack us is because we support the oppression of Muslims around the world. We give the most support to Israel. More support than we give any other country in the world. Of course, some people claim that the arabs are just jealous of Israel and so get all bent out of shape when their own governments do little to help the Palestinians. But this belies the fact that it was Israel* that created the problem in the first place. And it also ignores the fact that Israel is so successful to a large extent because of the massive amount of money that comes in from the U.S.

Most of all, it simply makes no sense that someone would travel across the world to kill themself and others simply because they had different religious beliefs. I mean, people don't do that, they never have. Sure there are cases like the crusades, but the crusades served a purpose far larger than just religious. There is nearly always an issue other than religion that brings about these confrontations.

*Well, perhaps we can spread the blame around, Britain is far from innocent in all of this as usual, but Israel certainly perpetuates the problem.

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