Sunday, February 10, 2008

Conspiracy theory time!

There is a time in life when every young man's thoughts turn to conspiracy. No, I don't mean committing conspiracy, I haven't enough time or a good enough reason for that. I mean finding conspiracy. And lo and behold it has come and bit me on the ass.

I just finished reading an article on on the republican caucuses in Washington, and how there were some very fishy happenings that took place. Essentially, the state GOP looks as if it might have called the election, erroneously, for McCain.

I wouldn't find the idea of republicans fixing elections fishy at all if it were not for the unbeleivable hatred of McCain that most of the republican pundits are spewing.

So here is the theory: McCain is the choice of the GOP and their wing of the pundits, but they are playing a fun little game of "we hate McCain" during the primaries so he gets to regain his reputation as a "maverick" and looks to be distant from Bush and the mainstream of republicans, read:far right wing nut jobs. Of course, this is nonsense. He's a warmonger, which is exactly what the right wants.

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Joseph said...

I'd respond to this except Rush Limbaugh isn't beaming anything into my brain right now.